The plan so far…

The plan is not to over-plan!

The idea of having 365 Saturdays in a year came from one Dubai Saturday morning in June when I awoke early. It was a Saturday like any other Saturday: I had a gym session booked later in the morning and a few things I could do, some I perhaps should do, some I wanted to do but nothing that I had to do. As I sipped on some freshly brewed coffee flicking though an online newspaper reflecting on how much I loved Saturdays I realised that I could have a whole year of days like these. Yes, there would be days when I had booked flights or agreed to meet friends along the way but there would always be a sense of flexibility to reschedule and rearrange if necessary.

So here is my 365 Saturdays in a Year very rough outline which is highly subject to change!

I will update as plans develop. Am always open to new ideas and suggestions of places to visit along the way.

Scotland catching up with friends and family

23rd July fly from Glasgow to Rennes visiting friends

Early August Couple of days in Paris to see the sights then train back to Glasgow

Scotland to recharge the cultural batteries and visit the Edinburgh Festival

Fly south to visit friends in Cambridge, Baskingstoke and London then driving to visit friend in Derby before flying back to Scotland.

Back in Scotland for the vote on 18th September then heading to Dubai on 21st September.

3 weeks in Dubai to enjoy my home for the past 20 plus years as a tourist and put things in storage for forwarding when I finally decide where I will end up.

October/ December:
Fly to New York to hopefully catch up with friend there.
Drive around New England to see the colours of fall.
Possible visit to Toronto to visit old Dubai friend.
Travel to Winnipeg to visit family there.
Onwards to Vancover and then across border to Seattle.
Collect car in Seattle and drive to San Diego – a month road trip.
Grand Canyon…Texas…Florida, Kennedy Space Centre to have lunch with an astronaut…
Fly out of New York back to Scotland for Christmas, my mother’s birthday and New Year.

January/ February

New Zealand

Hong Kong, China

April/June – wait and see, may have stayed in some previous places longer…

Watch this space…

2 thoughts on “The plan so far…

  1. Isabelle

    Hello Mrs Knight…. Hope you’re having fun somewhere in Europe, happy to live a saturday every day. It was so strange not to seeing you in Safa School this morning. The first time since Estelle started in FS 1 (she is in Y4 now). So many changes…. even if it some how beneficial for all, it was VERY strange today….. We will adjust anyway; But it won’t be never the same again without you. Good luck for your adventure and dont forget to give some news… Isabelle Nouhra

  2. Caroline MacDonald

    Wow Jane! What a year you have planned. Was thinking about you this week as Safa went back after the summer. Many changes already but still many familiar faces. Take care, Caroline MacDonald.


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