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Day 14 of 60 – Summer 2018

Friday, 29th June

After yesterday’s searing temperatures this morning brings a light breeze and a sigh of relief from everyone.

No worries about washing being out as threat of rain remains zero…for now.

Spent a lovely afternoon in the garden with our Syrian neighbours drinking strong cardamom Arabic coffee followed by dates and mate. Turns out that mate is a South American tea and that Syria is the main importer of it. The dry tea is served in a small cup with a spoon that acts as a straw. Hot water is poured in and the end of the spoon strains the tea as you drink. Not unpleasant taste. Am now fully topped up with caffeine!

Day 13 of 60 – Summer 2018

This azure blue is becoming a bit of a fixture – getting too comfortable not having to think about fleece jumpers and umbrellas! Temperature did not drop much last night so gave the morning a head start – scorchio!

What to do on a roasting day – seek refuge in the air conditioned hire car (a mokka, nice of them to give me on named after a coffee, how appropriate!) and head for the coast. Main task is to visit a very old and dear friend of my mothers who is now in a residential home in Largs. Sad to see someone still there but lost in memories – talk always goes to the days when she and my mother were at school and their days working near each other in the village as well as their dancing nights. The names of shops and neighbours trips off her tongue as if she were there only yesterday. Second sub-task is fish supper by the waters edge. Even in summer we have sometimes had to take refuge in the car as too cold/wet/windy to sit out. There was even one January when the weather was more clement than some summer days. Today there will not be a problem with poor weather, might need the comfort of the AC though!

Not my circus, not my monkeys

Always lots of new chapters, just have to make sure that don’t linger on one for too long!

It was that realisation that there was nothing keeping me there, only me

Yes would be easy just to say on but was beginning not always to like the way work and the country were making me feel

The thought of going through another change was too much. When 2020 was announced I knew my time was up!

yes, same thing. especially when the business side begins to overshadow the education

guess am at that time in life when no longer willing to make moral compromises

We have both seen so many people come and go and so many ‘new initiatives’ that there comes a point when enough is enough.

Seemless transitions of life

When are some toys not fun anymore?

When do we no longer believe in Santa?

Fashion is no longer the driving force in buying clothes and shoes?

What other people think doesn’t really matter anymore?

The Top 40 are no longer on you playlists?

You realise that being alone is not being lonely – footsteps on a beach

You are in control and can make life changes

Compromise is a choice not a necessity and not the only choice.

Hobbit toes?

Name that…you!

I do not think I have met anyone who is entirely happy with their given name. This is apparent in our common use of shortened versions or nicknames but few people actually go to the extent of changing their name by deed pole. Having said that I do know someone who has done this and although their new name was a subtle change to the given one and certainly not something linked to popular culture it was important enough to do.

I was named after my maternal grandmother. It is a name which cannot be shortened unless you take away a vowel. It does not lend itself to have a ‘y’ on the end and despite some people adding a ‘y’ within it, it is hard to misspell. So for these reasons it would seem like a good choice. To be honest I neither like nor dislike it. Yes, I would like to have a name which can be shortened and given a ‘y’ but not to the extent of changing it.

Naming a child is a huge responsibility for parents. A name which may seem cute for a baby may be a heavy burden as a school child and totally unsuitable for an adult. Where do you begin? Being named after a family member in accordance with family tradition or expectation may seem easier but some, let us call them fashionable names do have a link to time whereas some are the more common traditional names which are always popular so even there there is a minefield. Do you give them a ‘grown up’ name and then immediately use a shortened nickname or go straight for the nickname? Do you give your child several middle names so at some point they could be known by one of them if desired?

Advent – John Betjeman

The Advent wind begins to stir
With sea-like sounds in our Scotch fir,
It’s dark at breakfast, dark at tea,
And in between we only see
Clouds hurrying across the sky
And rain-wet roads the wind blows dry
And branches bending to the gale
Against great skies all silver pale
The world seems travelling into space,
And travelling at a faster pace
Than in the leisured summer weather
When we and it sit out together,
For now we feel the world spin round
On some momentous journey bound –
Journey to what? to whom? to where?
The Advent bells call out ‘Prepare,
Your world is journeying to the birth
Of God made Man for us on earth.’

And how, in fact, do we prepare
The great day that waits us there –
For the twenty-fifth day of December,
The birth of Christ? For some it means
An interchange of hunting scenes
On coloured cards, And I remember
Last year I sent out twenty yards,
Laid end to end, of Christmas cards
To people that I scarcely know –
They’d sent a card to me, and so
I had to send one back. Oh dear!
Is this a form of Christmas cheer?
Or is it, which is less surprising,
My pride gone in for advertising?
The only cards that really count
Are that extremely small amount
From real friends who keep in touch
And are not rich but love us much
Some ways indeed are very odd
By which we hail the birth of God.

We raise the price of things in shops,
We give plain boxes fancy tops
And lines which traders cannot sell
Thus parcell’d go extremely well
We dole out bribes we call a present
To those to whom we must be pleasant
For business reasons. Our defence is
These bribes are charged against expenses
And bring relief in Income Tax
Enough of these unworthy cracks!
‘The time draws near the birth of Christ’.
A present that cannot be priced
Given two thousand years ago
Yet if God had not given so
He still would be a distant stranger
And not the Baby in the manger.

Day 12 of 60 – Summer 2018

Cloudy, fog or heat haze? Not sure but no azure blue sky to greet me today. Turned out to be something that burnt off quickly.

Its Wednesday so it’s Friendship Circle! Today we are celebrating a 92nd birthday and being part of such a caring, supportive group.

Beautiful evening and had dinner at The Trickled Trout sitting in the garden. Great to catch up with travelling companion and discussing final arrangements: when I will pick her up and who is brining the hairdryer!