Day 46 of 60 – Summer 2018

A day out around Derby!

After a morning of catching up with email and general gossip we headed out to find a pub with what Pauline described as the best chilli she had ever had. Could she remember the name of the pub – no but did go for the ‘ask a friend’ option, several friends in fact as they had eaten there before. Somewhere in or near Castle Donnington…Thinking we had found the one off we set. Homemade chilli arrived: not the right chilli, average as opposed to outstanding. After finishing lunch one of the ‘ask a friend’ friends came up with the name – headed there for coffee!

Next stop the underwear shop in Melbourne and afternoon tea in Melbourne House Tea Rooms.

Earlier today I had received an email from a good mutual friend of ours with pictures of one of her cats showing a before and after: before was of Beastie watching a window cleaner perilously cleaning windows 67 floors up in Dubai, the after was of Beastie at a window most definitely not 67 floors up with sapphire blue see and palm trees – where was she and the cats? Question answered later in the day when we had a great Skype catch up. She has left Dubai for good and found an amazing house in Northern Cyprus and, sporing a new hair cut, clearly looked very happy indeed.

I also interviewed a possible teacher to replace the one we had to say farewell to at a very late stage who is most promising indeed. She has two other offers on the table at the moment – one for Albania!

So apart from having the wrong chilli a good day: underwear, scones, catch up with S and cats and positive interview.

Cocktail for the evening is Aperol Spritz that is going down very nicely!

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