Day 16 of 60 – Summer 2018

Sunday, 1st July

Free day in Athens staying at Titania Hotel.

Breakfast on the rooftop terrace with amazing views of the Acropolis and the city over to the sea. Could sit here all day in the shade…but no. Time to get out and explore!

Day trip booked for tomorrow and walking tour at 1700 today.

Headed to the Plaka district, the old town and lots of window shopping in the numerous leather bags and shoe stores. One store caught our eye with their linen and cotton designs. All made in Greece. Left with a couple more additions to the travel wardrobe.

Met Sam, our Free Tour Guide at Hadrian’s Arch and she took us on a winding tour of the city. She had arrived for a two week holiday 24 years ago. Married a local and has a son in university. We started by heading to the Olympic amphitheatre where it was being set up for an upcoming concert by the local philharmonic and the Scorpions.

Next to see the changing of the guard where a growingly heated demonstration allowed us only a short time watching the soldiers.

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