Day 13 of 60 – Summer 2018

This azure blue is becoming a bit of a fixture – getting too comfortable not having to think about fleece jumpers and umbrellas! Temperature did not drop much last night so gave the morning a head start – scorchio!

What to do on a roasting day – seek refuge in the air conditioned hire car (a mokka, nice of them to give me on named after a coffee, how appropriate!) and head for the coast. Main task is to visit a very old and dear friend of my mothers who is now in a residential home in Largs. Sad to see someone still there but lost in memories – talk always goes to the days when she and my mother were at school and their days working near each other in the village as well as their dancing nights. The names of shops and neighbours trips off her tongue as if she were there only yesterday. Second sub-task is fish supper by the waters edge. Even in summer we have sometimes had to take refuge in the car as too cold/wet/windy to sit out. There was even one January when the weather was more clement than some summer days. Today there will not be a problem with poor weather, might need the comfort of the AC though!

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