Name that…you!

I do not think I have met anyone who is entirely happy with their given name. This is apparent in our common use of shortened versions or nicknames but few people actually go to the extent of changing their name by deed pole. Having said that I do know someone who has done this and although their new name was a subtle change to the given one and certainly not something linked to popular culture it was important enough to do.

I was named after my maternal grandmother. It is a name which cannot be shortened unless you take away a vowel. It does not lend itself to have a ‘y’ on the end and despite some people adding a ‘y’ within it, it is hard to misspell. So for these reasons it would seem like a good choice. To be honest I neither like nor dislike it. Yes, I would like to have a name which can be shortened and given a ‘y’ but not to the extent of changing it.

Naming a child is a huge responsibility for parents. A name which may seem cute for a baby may be a heavy burden as a school child and totally unsuitable for an adult. Where do you begin? Being named after a family member in accordance with family tradition or expectation may seem easier but some, let us call them fashionable names do have a link to time whereas some are the more common traditional names which are always popular so even there there is a minefield. Do you give them a ‘grown up’ name and then immediately use a shortened nickname or go straight for the nickname? Do you give your child several middle names so at some point they could be known by one of them if desired?

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