Georgia, June 2018

5 days in and around Tbilisi:

Does George or Nino know the number for the fire brigade?

Best fed stray dogs

Sulphur baths 24/7

Iranians on boats

Mushrooms housing everything

Social balconies

Trouser legs for concerts

Pheasants or deer: cooked or healed

Amber or black wine

Homegrown communist dictator

Jazz with the duduki

Lunch with Georgians and 300 year old cookery book

Royal family in waiting

Don’t smile: we’re Georgian

Not St George but Greek meaning land: geo

Unique alphabet dating to 5th Century

Deda and Mama

Rustaveli and Chavchav…

Caught in the middle

I wish you victory

Silk route hub

Iberia…and Iberia

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