Road Dune

A grain of sand.

In the dark moving.

A single one amongst the many.

Blowing in the desert wind.

Catches on the tarmac.

A rough stone sticking out.

Out above the others.

Enough to catch a grain of sand.

But there are more.

Another grain.

Amongst the many blowing.

Blowing like a wave.

A wave over the tarmac.

Tarmac in the desert.

Then there are more.

More grains of sand catch.

They spread grain touching grain.

Behind, building up.

To the right spreading.

To the left spreading.

Further building.

Some grains escape.

Others choose to skim over.

Those who stay build grain on grain on grain.

A bronze penny rises and the wind strengthens.

Another wave of grains approach as shadows stretch.

They join, they catch, they are caught, they spread further.

No longer single grains but an entity growing, moving, changing.

Then the wind changes direction slightly, the shadows bend.

One grain, then another fly with the air, away.

Then more follow joining the wind.

The wind lures more singles.

Singles of the once mass.

Pull away, leave, off.

And more fly.

One grain.

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